What you know about Bottle preparation machine


Bottle preparation machine makers, also known as bottle warmers, heat water to the proper temperature for combining with infant formula. Breastfeeding is advised for babies under six months as a significant source of nourishment. Not all moms are able or willing to nurse their infants exclusively, and those that can and prefer to do so opt for a mixed diet. Formula milk is the only alternative to breast milk that has been shown to pose no health risks to infants.

For infant formula production, water must be at least 70 degrees Celsius. To ensure that the powdered baby formula has no hazardous bacteria, it must be cooked to this temperature. Before feeding your baby, you should always follow your individual brand of baby formula instructions when choosing how much formula to add to the water.

How much do bottle prep-machines cost?

The £75 Close to Nature Perfect PrepTM machine from Tommee Tippee is the most popular Bottle preparation machine sterilizer in the United Kingdom. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro, which begins at £199.00, is the more expensive alternative. You may also buy the Babymoov Miley Now Formula Maker, the Burabi Formula Maker, and the YXLONG Constant Temperature on Amazon. Filter replacement and descaling cycles represent extra expenditures that must be estimated.

Bottle-preparation-machine considerations


Between each feeding, it is essential to clean and sterilize your baby’s bottle, teats, and other feeding equipment to avoid the spread of bacteria that might cause vomiting and diarrhea. Your infant’s immune system is not entirely developed like an adult’s. You are eliminating possible disease vectors by sanitizing all containers and instruments.

No sterilization is necessary for a prep machine, but a cleaning cycle must be completed beforehand. Tommee Tippee recommends performing a cleaning cycle every four weeks if you haven’t used your Tommee Tippee prep Bottle preparation machinee in a while or if you want to prolong the life of your device. It is also recommended that you run a cleaning cycle when you replace the filters.

The maker of the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Baby Bottle Maker recommends descaling the machine’s inner components monthly. Regarding hygiene, the English instructions for YXLONG leave much to be desired. They do explain that the device is self-cleaning to prevent bacterial growth.

According to Burabi, the WiFi-controlled Smart Baby Formula Dispenser has an automated cleaning function. In addition, they assert that the powder container, funnel, and water tank all employ food-safe materials (Tritan Ex401).

Optimal temperature

According to the manufacturers of the Bottle preparation machine, water is constantly heated to the exact temperature you set on the device. With a blast of water heated to 70 degrees Celsius, bottle prep machines eradicate any germs that may be present in the infant formula; nevertheless, this has raised concerns from the Food Standards Agency. Some individuals have questioned whether the baby powder is sufficiently heated since the little amount of hot water used loses heat when it is poured into the cold bottle. We do not know whether this is the case since it has not been tested (or if it has, the findings have not been made public).


Employing a bottle prep machine may decrease the time required to fill and boil a kettle. Because milk powder may be added straight to hot water, no time is wasted waiting for the water to cool.


However, your baby needs feeding. These may be the most beautiful words ever penned, but they also suggest that you have further work to do. Finding the appropriate baby Bottle preparation machine maker for you and your kid might make life easier.

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