Top 5 Reasons Why A Hybrid Office Meeting Is A Better Option


Are you still confused and searching for reasons hybrid office meetings are so in trend? What are the benefits of taking the organization to hybrid event hosting?

So, here is a comprehensive list of reasons that can be helpful in understanding the value of hybrid office meetings over virtual or in-person meetings. Let’s begin and cover all the features one by one.

  1. Enable Easy Interaction and Collaboration

You can boost communication in your hybrid office meetings and conferences via the following features.

  • 1:1 and Group Chat: The well-known live streaming service provider offers chatting options in live and online events. Anyone can text anyone at the office meeting and text about any topic. Also, teams or other attendees can create a proper group chat where anyone can

  • Live Audio & Video Call: Attendees can connect with the speakers, your virtual booth representatives, or anyone at the event with a live audio and video call. It can add a face-to-face experience to your virtual office meetings.

  • Third-Party Integration: You can integrate third-party apps into your virtual office meetings. It can be beneficial to make a seamless call, chat, or any other communication opportunity.

  1. Improve Efficiency and Engagement

The top hybrid office meetings platform provides various engagement features and functionalities to keep attendees throughout the event. For instance, you can get the elements as follows:

  • Gamification: You can add AR/VR games to your hybrid office meetings. It can boost engagement for the audience, especially for the youth. Moreover, the attendees can play games in the breaks between the sessions.

  • Clap/Hoot/Emoticon Reactions: You can offer various features to the audience that they can use to encourage and respond to the speakers in a session. It can be a clap or hoot sound as well as emoticons that users can use in real-time to show their gratitude to the experts. Also, you can add a thumbs up and heart features, just like on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Text and Visual-Based Notifications: You can use the notification to make an announcement, immediate update, or changes of plan or anything. It can be in the text format as well as visual video, image, or any other format. Attendees can get a pop-up on their screen and in the notification column.

  • Social Wall: You can create a social wall in your virtual office meetings and conferences. It can be helpful to streamline the live comments, posts, feeds, and other discussions in your virtual event for live streamlining.

  • AR Photo Booth: You can take multiple photos using the AR photo booth that provides different background templates based on your virtual meeting theme. Also, you can create a gif using all the images together.

  • Leaderboard: You can score the attendees based on the parts of virtual events they visit. It is a beneficial way to lure the audience with scores to explore all the opportunities provided on your live-streaming platform.

  1. Allow for Better Networking Opportunities

You can get great networking opportunities with the best live-streaming services. Such as:

  • Networking Tables: You can create a number of networking tables at your hybrid office meetings. It provides 2 to 8 seats per table where everyone can discuss a specific topic. Moreover, the host can switch the tables whenever they want.

  • AI Matchmaking: You can add AI matchmaking to your virtual office meetings and conferences. Artificial intelligence will analyze the users’ demographic data and create a match based on their interests. Attendees can get match suggestions during the live meetings.

  • Business Card Exchange: Everyone at the hybrid office meetings and conferences can request others and approve the requests to share their business cards. Attendees get complete control of the best live streaming services whom to deny or accept.

  1. Rewatch and Share Meetings

You can record your virtual office meetings and various sessions. It can be helpful in sharing with users across the globe unrestricted access or paid subscription. Moreover, the attendees can rewatch for free with an open hybrid meeting or by paying a small amount for the paid video-on-demand streaming. Also, the attendees can share various videos, images, brochures, flyers, and session recordings with their friends and family with open access.

  1. Collect Data and Reflect

The top live streaming service provider offers detailed data of your hybrid office meeting. You can analyze the number of attendees who signed up, joined, stayed till the end, left early, or the most & least liked part of the virtual meeting. Moreover, you can analyze all the users’ activities individually with the attendee footprinting.

So, these are the various reasons a hybrid office meeting is a better option than a virtual or onsite event. You can create a better appearance globally with such events.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to know why most organizations are pivoting to hybrid office meetings in 2022.

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