There are Genera of Rabbits



It has been discovered that around 50% of the world’s Genera of Rabbits population is located found in North America. Other native areas in their distributional zones include Southeast Asia, parts of Japan, South America, regions of Africa and the southwestern region of European.

They are everywhere in the world with the exception of the southeastern island of Asia, Madagascar, West Indies and parts of southern South America. Certain places that aren’t their homelands such as New Zealand, South America, Australia, and Java are also their homes in the past couple of centuries.


The Leporidae family is a favorite in tropical, polar and areas of temperate. They prefer dwelling in dense vegetation or deep inside burrows. Woods, woodlands, wetlands grasslands, wetlands, and desserts are all used by mammals. Certain species, like Marsh Genera of Rabbits or Swamp rabbits are excellent swimmers, and therefore are semi-aquatic.


They are herbivores due to their food habits. They consume leafy plants and delicate weeds and forbs, and grasses Genera of Rabbits. They eat a lot of food in the first 30 minutes of eating, but in the second half-hour they are more selective about their food. The vertebrates are usually outside of their nests for long hours , and they keep eating in short intervals. In the course of their grazing, they insist going through their excretions to consume as much food as they can.

Mating Season

Rabbits are mates for a large portion of the year, however their breeding season runs for nine months. In most regions of the world, the mating season is from February through October however for Australia as well as New Zealand the season is between July and January. Can Dogs Eat Cashews


The courtship rituals involve watching the female rabbits, by licking and sniffing. The gestation duration is around 30-to-40 days. Dos can shed hair clumps in the gestation time.

The infants are born without fur, and are very fragile, lacking power or strength. They are blind. They are weaned from four to five weeks after the time of birth. The female kits are sexually mature at 6 months of age and males at the age of 7 years, around.

Life Span

The life expectancy of mammals in the wild was documented to range between 10 to 13 years. A few may end up dying within a year, based on the polluted and food sources within their environment.


These adorable creatures are able to encounter a broad range species of prey in nature which vary from larger mammals to birds as well. Hawks, owls, Eagles and a variety of falcons, canids various felids, numerous mustelid species, and squirrels on the ground are predators that naturally hunt Rabbits.

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