The Role of Channel Partners and Brokers in Real Estate Sales with Benefits


In India, real estate brokers have gained considerable prominence and become highly prominent in the real estate market today. In this regard, the channel partner network cements the relationship between developers and potential customers.

Therefore, channel partners or brokers are the links between the sellers (developers) and property buyers. The involvement of a real estate marketing agency brings benefits to both developers and buyers. 

For example, buyers can make more informed decisions regarding property dealings, and developers can take advantage of the broker-created client base. During the real estate sales process, brokers earn a commission from each transaction.

Benefits of Having Channel Partners/Brokers as Facilitators in Real Estate Sales

Let’s take a closer look at how this facilitation benefits the real estate sales process.

Properties with RERA Certification

A primary benefit that a channel partner offers to a buyer is access to Real Estate Regulation Authority (RERA)-certified properties. RERA is a regulatory authority that controls and monitors all transactions in India’s real estate sales process. A customer who buys a property through a broker is assured of acquiring a genuine property. It is because real estate brokers must necessarily deal with only RERA-approved properties by law.

Access to Site Visits

Another important role the channel partner or broker plays is organizing site visits. Through real estate brokering, potential customers get a chance to see the property thoroughly in all its features. They can understand vital factors better, like proximity to schools, shopping centers, hospitals, etc. A site visit also helps the potential customer you review the connectivity of a property near the rest of the city.

Getting a Good Price

Everyone wants to buy a property with the most competitive rates. Customers who purchase a property through a broker can access a broader range of options. It can result in substantial money-saving through discounts and special offers.
Offering a better price to potential buyers enables developers to boost their sales. Their product, namely properties, gains more appeal, which results in an increased conversion rate.
Moreover, extending guaranteed discounts and offers to customers also results in a significant buildup of trust between real estate developers and their customers. It is the channel partners who can facilitate this attractive pricing system in collaboration with the real estate developers.

Suitability Options

Channel partners not only have access to vast information about the real estate market, but through their wide experience using real estate technology, they can find a property that meets particular needs.

As a real estate developer, a primary concern is to deliver relevant products and services to their buyers. With the support of channel partners, it becomes easier for the developers to ascertain the needs of their potential customers.

Comprehensive Real-estate Assistance

Real estate brokers or channel partners provide end-to-end assistance through their real estate broker apps that they provide. Brokers use real estate apps that provide updated information regarding developers’ properties that they deal with. Such apps are interactive and help real estate developers reach a relevant audience through search results. 

Also, GPS integration provides a quick and easy means for potential customers to find out about property locations. Finally, these apps provide live chat, SMS, Email, and call features integrated into the app enabling a better rapport between the realtor, broker, and end-user.

Brokers also provide website assistance information on real estate project launches and miscellaneous online documentation and paperwork, which is an intrinsic part of real estate sales and marketing in today’s world.

The Process Networking Between Channel Partners and Real Estate Developers Explained

The interaction between real estate developers and their channel partners or brokers is multifaceted. A common way of tying up to a developer is to sign an exclusive contract. The contract gives the broker exclusive rights to market specific properties of the developer.

A broker can work with multiple developers with similar contracts. A real estate channel partner provides several real estate marketing services to developers. The primary role of channel partners or brokers is to carry out various marketing campaigns to generate leads for potential customers.

A broker uses various techniques such as online and offline marketing, social media, email campaigns, etc. It is common for channel partners to organize events and exhibitions that attract potential customers for a real estate company.

Once a customer shows interest in a particular property, it is within the scope of a channel partner to follow up with a site visit for the customer. They will also provide the necessary paperwork and documentation for the eventual purchase, an intrinsic part of the real estate sales process.

Brokers also provide assistance in financing, legal documentation, and other related services for completing the transaction.


Ultimately, we see that channel partners/brokers play a vital role in facilitating both buyers and sellers in the real estate market. They not only bridge the gap between buyers and sellers through the real estate broker network but provide exclusive services to both parties during transactions and even later on.

With so much to offer, channel partners emerge as a highly critical component of the real estate market in improving sales and earnings and coordinating between buyers and sellers in the real estate market.

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