iPhone 15 Pro Max – A detailed Review


The iPhones are now shipping, so it’s time to get a detailed iPhone 15 Pro Max review! The phone’s frame has a subdued, almost matte finish. And also, with the unit, you will get the new USB-C port, which looks nearly identical to the old one. The New Action button replaces the mute switch and is noticeably different from a small tactile button, but on the big Pro Max, it feels a bit high.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Specs

iPhone 15 Pro Max

  • Operating System: iOS 17
  • CPU: Apple A17 Pro
  • Dimensions: 6.29 by 3.02 by 0.32 inches

The Notable Improvements In The Latest Model

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is equipped with a more powerful processor, an action button instead of the ring mode toggle, and numerous camera updates. Also, there are noticeable Camera improvements and a brighter display. Ergonomics, too, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, at 221 grams, is 19 grams lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. What makes this phone stand out is the chassis, the phone’s skeleton, which uses a new composition of recycled aluminum and is lighter than before, too. Borders around the display are thinner, which ensures that the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is more comfortable to hold.

The Action Button replaces the toggle we had to quickly switch between ring and silent modes with enhanced versatility. Battery life is improved, too, as the iPhone 15 Pro Max returned with around 30% battery at the end of 6 hours and 15 minutes of screen time. The iPhone can get through extensive multitasking and camera use without getting heated up too quickly.

Regarding the hardware, there’s a new 5x telephoto lens, replacing the 3x zoom in the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The iPhone 15 Pro has 3x optical zoom and physical space inside a phone, offering photographers more versatility to work with when shooting a subject at a distance.

Three focal length options to manually select for shooting: 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm, an added perk.

Default photo resolution also witnessed improvement from 12-megapixel to 24-megapixel, with pixel binning improvements. Also, there are further improvements, including sharper highlights, improved dynamic range, and less lens flare.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Release Date

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are Apple’s newest flagship iPhones, launched on September 22, 2023, and are available in markets.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Colors           

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are now available in four color options — Natural Titanium, Black Titanium, White Titanium, and Blue Titanium.

A Detailed Review Of The Features

  • Plenty of Pixels

Apple has reduced the thickness of the bezels by a fraction of a millimeter. Which means less black border surrounding the screen and helping make the 15 Pro models slightly smaller than their 14 Pro predecessors.

  • Right angled profile

The iPhone 15 Pro Max offers a smoother scrolling experience and supports automatic True Tone white balance to match the ambient light. The contrast ratio is 2,000,000:1, and brightness carries over at 1,000 nits max (typical), 1,600 nits (HDR peak), and 2,000 nits (outdoor peak), making the phone great for watching movies and for use outdoors under bright sunlight.

  • Front profile

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is available in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB storage options. Apple nixed the 128GB model from the Max but remains for the smaller 15 Pro.

Being tested on Geekbench 6, which calculates CPU power, the iPhone 15 Pro Max notched 2,928 on the single-core test and 7,268 on the multi-core test. Games look fantastic on the iPhone 15 Pro Max screen and run smoothly with consistent frame rates and jitter-free action. The 15 Pro Max easily handles all the standard apps, including Safari, Mail, Messages, and the camera.

  • Battery

iphone 15 pro max

Apple never specifies the size of iPhone batteries, but the lithium-ion power cell is around 4,400mAh, less than the 5,000mAh capacity of Android phones. Apple claims the iPhone 15 Pro Max holds the ability to stream video for 25 hours in this scenario, but in reality, it runs the best for 20 hours and 15 minutes and is a 1.25-hour improvement over the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which reached 19 hours. Regarding the charging front, the iPhone officially supports 20W wired charging and comes with a high-quality, braided USB-C-to-USB-C cable.

  • Bottom Profile

The iPhone is compatible with Apple’s MagSafe wireless charging tech, aligning the phone properly with MagSafe charging accessories. MagSafe charges wirelessly at a rate of 15W, powering up the iPhone in about 120 minutes. There’s a possibility to use standard Qi wireless chargers, but that will charge at a slower rate of just 7.5W.

  • Home Screen

The iPhone 15 Pro Max 2023 is equipped with a slightly stepped-down version of the service called Emergency Roadside Assistance. That works the same way, using the iPhone to send text messages to a satellite-based service in areas that have no cellular coverage. However, there’s a difference. Rather than calling in the cavalry for a full rescue, the new model connects you to AAA for help charging a car battery or changing a flat tire, free for AAA subscribers, but non-AAA subscribers need to pay for tows and other auto services.

  • Cameras

iphone 15 pro max

iPhone 15 has the same 48MP main camera sensor, and one can derive more detail while retaining good low-light performance. Also, there is a possibility to take full-resolution pictures in HEIF and ProRAW if they wish.

  • Action Button

The bottom edge of any of the iPhone 15 devices reveals a USB-C port instead of the old lightning port. The motto behind the same has been to make life easier for consumers as well as to reduce e-waste. It sends a charge in the reverse direction, allowing you to use your iPhone to power up your AirPods Pro or Apple Watch Series 9. The 15 Pro Max and 15 Pro utilize the port to send 4K60 ProRes video from the iPhone directly to an external SSD for recording, which turns out to be a major benefit to certain types of creators. 

Connect the iPhone to input devices, including cameras and microphones, to capture footage or audio, as well as connect directly to 4K60 HDR displays for mirroring the iPhone’s display so that you find it easy to watch movies or play games. The number of USB-C accessories now compatible with the iPhone 15 line is robust. The 15 Pro models support the USB-C 3 Gen 2 spec, which guarantees faster data transfer speeds (up to 10Gbps) than the USB-C 2.0 supported by the non-Pro iPhone 15 models, limited to 480Mbps.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast, smooth performance
  • Useful Action button
  • Excellent cameras
  • Long battery life
  • USB-C connectivity opens up new features
  • Lighter than the previous Pro Max


  • Not handy

Final Words

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max features upgraded components, new materials, terrific cameras, and top-of-the-line performance and has hence proved itself as one of the best smartphones to buy.

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