Important Factors That Add to the Cost of Mobile App Development


Mobile app development is quite a self-evolving process. With advancements in mobile app technology, it is evident that developers adopt the same techniques in their app’s procedures for newness. Mobile apps have pierced their way through everything from banking to shopping, from studying to managing tasks at work.

Has this ever-growing interest and dependency of people forced you to submit to the app industry’s popularity?

Well, if your question is “how to build an app for my business?” – then you must read this article. The reason behind this is that apart from the app development cost factors, this article will guide you through the planning and strategy-building for your app.

To jot down the features of your app, you must find out the target audience and streamline your app’s goals.

There are around 8 significant app cost drivers. This article will take you into the depth of all those factors that affect app development time and cost.

Let’s Take A Deep Dive Into The App Development Cost Factors:

App Development Team Structure

The joint cooperation of the entire team working together makes the app development process possible and successful. Every participating team works on deadlines. It is no new fact to state that the qualified management team makes app development possible. Also, every designated employee functions according to their role – be it the project manager, developer, designer, coordinator, tester, etc.

Development Company’s Base Location

Every region has different per-hour charges prevalent in specific areas. Clients go to various places and get quotations before signing the papers with any app development company’s services. For example, clients from the USA go to India or other developing countries for competitive app development rates. Choosing a Mobile App Development company from a particular country or region affects the app development cost.

App Development Platforms

A mobile app can be developed on two different platforms. Either it can be a native platform which means separate for iOS and Android. On the other hand, an app can be developed cross-platform if you want to spend in one code for Android and iOS. Cross-platform is also called hybrid. Your choice of platform and target audience will have a direct relation with the cost of developing the mobile application. 

UI/UX & Animation – Modern Graphic Elements

Users love the app when it has super-swift graphics! User experience is the best when the user interface has been keenly worked upon. Also, modern graphic techniques like metamorphism, shadow effects, the color combinations – all these things make a lot of difference when it comes to the app’s look. The more sophisticated and intricate the app design is, the higher the cost of app development. 

App Security Layers

You will relate to the example of the bigger the team of security guards at your house gate, the more the cost. 

Similarly, ‘How securely embedded your app is‘ creates a lot of difference in the users choosing to use your app again. But, if developers have to secure an app more, they will have to work hard for it. This has a direct impact on the app development cost – the more the security, the higher the costs.

App Backend (Database, Application, Server) And API Integration

The backend is the base of how a mobile application functions. Any bug or discrepancies in the code will directly affect the quality of the front end of an app.

The server that supports the entire code stack has to be secure enough with the backend. If the server is hacked, no data of the app is safe. 

Also, if the app requires payment at any point, the payment gateway has to be integrated along. This can be subscriptions or even in-app purchases. And a payment checkout that is smooth and free from errors is also expensive to maintain.

More the integration in the backend of the app, more the resources, time, and cost of app development.

Post-Launch Customer Support

App development cost does not end at the app launch. After the app is deployed and users start downloading the same, they have feedback. These feedbacks can be positive or negative, or a mixture of both. Suggestions and bugs they come across can be a part of these.

You can either have a small or a large team to take care of the user feedbacks, bugs, and loopholes they come across in the app. The size of this team will add to the app development cost counting.

Maintenance Costs During and Post Development

As mentioned earlier, app development expenses do not end at the app launch. Maintaining the app for a lifetime is important for a good user experience and brand reputation of the app. This includes bugs and system updates in the future of the application launch on both – the App Store and the Google Play Store. This cost calculation is subjective to the type of maintenance edits you make to the application backend and interface.

App Development Cost Factors – The Finale! 

These were the main factors influencing mobile app development cost put together. The more features and functionalities of the app, the more time and cost will elevate. This is pretty much a fact.

If you want to start your dream app development, go through the above factors affecting app development time and gauge the required time frame.

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