Do you Know This Amazing Facts About IPL


The IPL has totally changed cricket, so many overseas players come to play Indian Premier League, Since it started in 2008 the craze for IPL is increasing every year, even though there is a web series on IPL that is really popular. Here are some interesting facts you would wonder to know.

Most Toss Wins In Indian Premier League

This must be one of the most obscure realities in IPL. The most number of throws won by any group throughout the entire existence of IPL is Mumbai India with 98 complete throw wins, we want to believe that they make it 100 with their underlying two matches in IPL 2020.

Best Winning Ratio In IPL

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been the best captain throughout the entire existence of the Indian Premier League. In the 160 matches, he drove his group, multiple times have brought about triumph. I truly trust MS Dhoni makes it 100, yet not in the principal round of IPL 2020, unfortunately, I am a Mumbai Indian fan.

Most Fours In Indian Premier League

We realize Chris Gayle is a hard hitter and has the most number of sixes throughout the entire existence of IPL to his name. In any case, the individual with the most limits to his name in IPL is Shikhar Dhawan with 524 fours in only 159 matches.

What’s likewise a fascinating truth with regards to IPL is that out of the best 5 players to have hit most fours in IPL, 4 are Indians.

Best Batting Strike Rate In IPL

Do you have any idea which batsman in the IPL has the best strike rate? Assuming you think it is Virat Kohli, you will be left wide peered toward. The player with the best SR in IPL is Andre Russell with 186.41, and the second individual on the rundown is Sunil Narine with a Strike pace of 168.34.

Another reward fascinating IPL truth is that Virat Kohli and Chris gayle don’t make the top 10. While Chris Gayle positions eleventh with an SR of 151.02, Virat Kohli positions 53rd with an SR of 131.61, and negative, we are not lying.

Longest Winning Streak In IPL

However Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings have the most number of Indian Premier League match wins and the best winning rate throughout the entire existence of IPL separately, it will be taken as an astonishing IPL truth that neither of these two groups has the longest back to back wins in IPL.

The group with the longest series of wins in IPL is Kolkata Knight Riders which in IPL 2014 dominated 9 continuous matches with them coming out on top for the IPL 2014 championship and it was gone on for one more match in IPL 2015. Altogether the group has won 10 back-to-back wins in IPL, a record which is yet to be broken.

The Indian Premier League is quite possibly the most famous game in Indium as well as from one side of the planet to the other and IPL has been one of the most-gone to cricket associations in the World. These were the 55 intriguing realities about IPL, we might advise you that these IPL realities are in no specific request and don’t accept this posting as positioning.


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