Best smartphone 2019: iPhone, OnePlus, Samsung and Huawei


Are you in the market for a new phone but don’t know which is the best

Best smartphone disguise will help you compare the latest top-of-the-line phones that include Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, and others to help you choose the most suitable phone for your needs.  has never been an opportunity to purchase a brand new flagship phone with a wide range of high-end handsets available with a greater variety of costs than before.

If you’re looking for two-day battery endurance, amazing camera performance, or a stunning screen, there are plenty of options to select from. It is a Guardian buyer’s guide for top-end handsets that was last revised on the 17th of December 2019 and reflects the most popular models available at the moment. As new models are introduced and tested and tested, dis information will change to help you select the best flagship phone for your needs.

The sequel to the most popular Best smartphone of the first quarter of 2019 is, not surprisingly the best smartphone to finish the year. The OnePlus 7T Pro is a minor upgrade to the stellar OnePlus 7 Pro that keeps all the good things improves the camera and speeds up the fingerprint scanner. The massive 6.67in QHD+ display is running at 90Hz – as opposed to 60Hz for the majority of the competitors – and is the top in the market.

It’s bright, clear, and Extremely Smooth

The selfie camera appears at any time It’s a constant audience-pleasing feature. The 7T Pro is the fastest-feeling phone. Everything is slick and smooth. It has Qualcomm’s top processor the Snapdragon 855+. It has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of speedy UFS3.0 storage.

dis is plenty of space to store everything. The fingerprint scanner in the display optical is also quicker than and continues to put the rivals to shame. The most recent version of OxygenOS 10 version, the company’s ultra-slick version of Android 10. is widely considered to be the most efficient in the market as well, and it comes with timely updates for three years.

The triple camera system that is at the back is great also, as it combines the main 48MP camera with ultra-wide angles of 16MP, as well as a telephoto camera with 8MP. The latest feature on the 7T Pro model is the super-macro feature which is astonishingly impressive, with crisp photos at just 2.5cm from the lens – an absolute blast. The 7T Pro can’t quite match the iPhone 11 Pro or the Pixel 4XL but it’s close to or surpasses other phones in clarity and performance.

The 7T Pro lasts about 32 hours between charges which makes it among the top performers. The charging speed is incredibly fast thanks to the firm’s WarpCharge system, which can reach 70% in only 34 minutes using a cable. Wireless charging is not available, however. Dual-sim is a great feature for working or traveling. It’s waterproof to a certain degree, but it doesn’t have an IP rating. There’s a McLaren limited edition as well as a 5G variant in the US however, the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G is currently the version.

The best iPhone: Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Good things can be found in smaller sizes. The iPhone 11 Pro isn’t the most expensive or largest of Apple’s 2019 phones, however, it’s the best and most likely to be the best phone of the year. The iPhone 11 Pro combines a stunning, huge enough 5.8 inch screen, a slim and luxuriously soft body, with top-quality performance, and battery life that allows it to keep pace with the majority of its rivals.

The truth is that the design is unchanged from the mold-breaking iPhone X from 2017. The back of the phone is now covered in frosted glass. It is particularly attractive in silver. It also includes three camera bulges on the left-hand side of the top. The rest of the frame remains the same. Apple’s Face ID is still the most well-known, popular facial recognition system in the business.

The new A13 Bionic chip is still leading in the race. The gesture navigation system is continuing to be among the most effective, and you’ll be on the right track for 5 years worth of iOS update software starting with the release date which is at most two years more than other brands can offer. dis year, dis year, the iPhone 11 Pro introduces a dramatically improved triple camera with an ultra-wide lens, wide and telephoto which are in line with the best competitors in photography, and even beat the competition in the video.

It also has an efficient night mode, which is now. It’s not all good that you start with only 64GB of storage isn’t great. The old Lightning connector is still in use instead of the more modern standard USB-C. There’s no option for 5G and it’s extremely expensive you shouldn’t purchase the iPhone 11 Pro looking for price-for-quality. Additionally, iOS 13 has been a mixed bag since its release with several bugs that required fixing. However, as a whole, no phone can compete with the iPhone 11 Pro in power capabilities, size, and capability. dis iPhone 11 Pro is the smallest phone that you can buy and also the most efficient running iOS.

Best smaller Android: Samsung Galaxy S10

If you’re looking for the Best smartphone with Android perfect balance of a large beautiful screen and stunning display, but a smaller size phone that is more manageable and can fit into your pocket, it’s Galaxy S10. Galaxy S10.The 6.1-inch QHD+ screen with an incredibly small hole-punch on the top right of the screen is among the top available on the market.

It is large enough to make a majority of movies and apps look amazing. Small bezels around make the phone quite compact when compared to its competitors as well as being light. It’s still a metal and glass sandwich, so you may require protection from falling. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 was recently updated with Samsung’s brand new One UI 2 software, which is based on the most recent version of Android 10 including much-improved navigation gestures.

It should provide about three years of support for software starting with the release of the Best smartphone Samsung however, the company usually takes longer than Google as well as OnePlus to provide major Android versions. The rear triple camera allows you to zoom in from 0.5 to 2x and then up to a 10x hybrid zoom. It’s not quite as powerful as the Pixel 4XL  iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro, but it does get the job accomplished.

The camera that takes selfies slams through the screen and is considered to be one of the top selfie cameras available on the market. Its performance is great, but the battery life can be a bit poor, lasting for a day of usage, but nothing more. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor tucked beneath the display has proven to be quite difficult to use and is finicky over time and can be a bit frustrating.

Best camera: Huawei P30 Pro

The best camera in phones is the Huawei P30 Pro by an amount. In a year, no phone has been as complete the Huawei’s latest Leica four-camera. The 20MP 0.6x ultra-wide-angle camera is a blast, the principal 40MP camera is great and is joined by a brand-new periscopic 5-x optical zoom camera that brings you much closer than any other Best smartphone.

If five times magnification was not enough, they have a great 10x hybrid zoom and a tan digital zoom all the way to 50x. A 3D time-of-flight sensor that senses depth completes the modules on the back. Amazing zoom levels aside, the P30 Pro also has low-light performance that instantly transforms day into night without needing to wait for more than a few seconds to record. The P30 Pro may not be the most effective Night Sight rival, but most of the time it’s not even required.

Other aspects of dis phone are fantastic and come in amazing colors. The massive 6.47in FHD+ OLED is amazing, with a tiny high-pitched notch that houses the selfie camera as well as slim bezels around. The curved edges restrict the phone’s width to a slim 73.4mm across, which means that it’s accessible and easy to operate all day long, particularly when compared with the 7T Pro from OnePlus and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The Best smartphone has an optical fingerprint sensor on the screen and comes in second place to the Samsung OnePlus 7T Pros. Huawei’s Kirin 980 processor, with 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage gives you great performance and a battery dat can last for about two days. The battery also charges extremely quickly and features wireless charging as well as power-sharing.

Huawei’s newly modified Android 10, EMUI 10 is extremely customizable and comes with a variety of features, but it may not suit everyone’s needs. Huawei is still under sanctions from the US as part of the trade war between China and the United States which creates uncertainty about its future. The P30 Pro’s most recent Android 10 update showed that it is expected to be receiving updates in the normal way but it is not receiving updates as normal.

Best value: OnePlus 7T

Pound for dollar, The OnePlus 7T has the best design, performance, and experience. It is more than any other Best smartphone. It has a huge beautiful 6.41 OLED display with full HD and a small window-like notch on the top to allow selfie cameras. The latest feature for the 7T is the 90Hz refresh rate. It’s as its larger brother, the 7T Pro can make even everyday tasks smooth and easy.

It’s equipped with 2019’s top-of-the-line Snapdragon 855+ processor with 8GB of RAM as well as 128GB of super-fast UFS3.0 storage. It’s also able to last 31 hours on a single charge and its OxygenOS 10, the latest Best smartphone version of Android software is speedy and easy to use. OnePlus promises two years of software updates as well as the possibility of bi-monthly security upgrades starting the day of the release of the phone, too.

It also comes with the fastest and most efficient display-based fingerprint scanner and is as efficient as the most powerful capacitive sensor that is dedicated to the device, with excellent quality haptics, and dual-sim compatibility for using two mobile phone network connections simultaneously.

The triple camera on this is excellent as well, featuring ultra-wide, wide, and 2x zoom lenses, and the macro feature but it’s not as good as the top models on the market. There’s no official water resistance rating or wireless charging, however, WarpCharge lets it reach fully charged in just 60 minutes in a row.

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