Azeron Gaming Keypad – The Next-Gen Beast!


AZERON CYBORG – the next-generation Azeron Gaming Keypad has turned out to be a massive beast in gaming with even deeper adjustability and exceptional comfort. There are numerous reasons to pick this unit for a comfortable gaming session.

A Detailed Highlight Of The Features

  • Excellent Comfort & Tested Durability

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Now, put an end to the wrist pain during long gaming sessions when you have the best gaming keypad with unrivaled ergonomics, ensuring comfortable use over long periods. The remarkable aspect is that every keypad button is intuitively placed – decreasing the effort to travel between them.

  • Programmable Buttons

Get the best gaming keypad with the Bind keys that will assist you with in-game actions. And it also offer the opportunity to save game profiles with the Azeron software. Each button is connected to an individual input, letting you press any combination of keys while moving in any direction at the same time.

  • Highly Customizable Unit

The  Azeron Cyborg Gaming Keypad is 3D printed, ensuring that it will have a longer life than numerous other products since components are replaceable or user-serviceable. Also, you will get the unit with 100s of color combos to match your setup, which will be helpful also if you are a LEFTIE. The special 3D printing method now ensures it is easier to go with improvements implementing more features.

  • Comfortable, Responsive & Faster Gaming
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Azeron Cyborg offers the Real 360 movement combined with programmable keys and unrivaled ergonomics.

The High-end PC Gaming Keypad Offers Plenty Of Comfort

The keyboard displays Next-gen adjustable ergonomics and works with the Ultimate thumbstick module (2 available versions) with adjustability like never before. Also, with the unit, you will get a Redesigned programmable 29-key layout and a Mirrored option for lefties. The keypad is equipped with a Nameplate.

Gaming Keypad Azeron Cyborg Gaming Keypad implements next-generation adjustment and ergonomic features. These offer you the opportunity to adjust the angle of the tower and distance and position the top button to fit your hand perfectly. You will prefer these keypads because it is designed as advanced adjustable analog thumb sticks. That find use as the WASD of the analog stick or 360° movement in the corresponding game. Adjust the desired angle, dead zone, and sensitivity. Also, it serves the objective as easy to use a calibration tool with a middle button. 

So get the benefit of the 29 programmable keys e set up as a keyboard, controller, mouse button, and macro keyboard. Rest assured that it will be a great investment as each button is linked to a separate input, and no connection matrix exists. Also, with the Best Gaming Keypad, you will find that it is easy to assign keys with just two clicks. So, now use this unit to Create unlimited key assignment profiles on your PC and store two in onboard memory that will assist you with quick switching. The Gaming Keypad is for the Handed Left Hand (the Mouse is for the Right Hand).

So, pick the next-generation Azeron keypad to take your gaming level to the next level.

Final Words

Pick the Azeron Gaming Keypad if you are looking for a unit that will support Fast response and precise operation. It is perfect for a variety of genres and is the most useful for FPS, MOBA, RPG, and more.

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