Apple will be betting heavily on the IPhone 13 camera features


The iPhone 13 series announcement is just a month away. Historically, the new iPhone event takes place in September. We already know a lot about the new iPhones. Camera upgrades are the spoiler.
Yes, they are there every year. But a new report from Bloomberg says that the iPhone 13 series will be focusing on camera features to distinguish them from the iPhone 12 generations.

Portrait Mode for video on iPhone 13

This is something we’ve heard before: Apple will add Portrait Mode to videos. It will use software to create shallower depth of focus and a wider aperture. This has been attempted by other brands like LG and OnePlus before, but the results were not great.

Fake bokeh is more difficult than for still pictures. The subject is always moving so the de-focus effect must correctly identify the objects between the lens and subject. Also, the background should be blurred gradually. Apple will be able to achieve a better result. Although we don’t yet know the answer, Apple releases products only when it is certain it will work well.

ProRes video

We will be getting a new ProRes video mode to give our videos a more cinematic look. It is still unclear. Apple’s ProRes support up to 8K video resolution. However, the iPhone 13‘s camera lenses still have 12 MP sensors. This shouldn’t allow them to reach 8K. ProRes is said to offer higher quality for those who want to create professional-looking clips and allow them to be edited in Final Cut. ProRes is a compromise: it retains more image data than raw video but doesn’t produce large files like raw.

New filter system on iPhone 13

This isn’t a new feature. We have filters in the iPhone Camera app since a while. It sounds interesting, though. Software filters can be used to mimic filters on DSLR lenses. They would alter color temperature and contrast.

Exclusive to iPhone 13

ProRes video option and Portrait Mode sound more demanding than they seem, so it is possible that they will only be available to iPhone 13 series or higher. It will be interesting to see whether older iPhones get the new filters via an iOS upgrade later down the line. This sounds more like software.

Other camera enhancements

The iPhone 13 Pro Max will have an additional camera feature: Ultra-wide camera for auto-focus. F1.8 aperture on iPhone 13 Pro Max. 2.5x zoom on iPhone 13 Pro Max. With a significant amount of improvements, the iPhone 13 generation has already arrived. The iPhone 13-series is an important evolution step in the iPhone family’s history. It features a smaller notch, faster chipset, higher refresh displays, and a better camera.

It’s only right, considering how important the camera setup is to modern smartphone technology. We are no longer seeing new flagships for the smartphone market. Instead, we see gradual improvements in key areas that are essential to the experience. Camera performance and image quality are the most important, and we have come to expect them to improve every year.

The lenses’ wider apertures will let more light in for outstanding low-light performance. But what’s more is the new large sensor on the main camera, with its 1.9um pixels. These are the largest ever installed on an iPhone. These features are paired with an extremely wide F1.5 aperture for outstanding low-light performance.

Night mode is now available for ultra-wide-angle and telephoto cameras. It will automatically take long exposure photos with artificial intelligence. The iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max have sensor-shift optical imaging stabilization. This feature is similar to their predecessors.

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