8 Types of Graphic Design You Need to Know

Graphic Design


Try to describe your three favorite websites. It’s easy because you visit them every day and can picture them in your mind. What you didn’t even realize is that their graphic design is top-notch and provides a distinguishing display that’s both unique and captivating. In the endless sea of the internet, you must do everything you can to stand out. Good or great graphic design will create that difference and ensure you get continuous visits. You can have the best website in the world with optimization, but if it looks drawn with crayons, it will fall into oblivion.

graphic design

1. UI and web design

Start by identifying what type of look your site needs. To promote your business online, you need to look different. Your customers have to cruise and slide while they are on your site. Everything has to be accessible and easy to find, with crucial information displayed. To ensure such a place exists, you must find people with experience or utilize tried & tested practices.

2. Eco graphic design

When your business formation is tied to a place or a message deeply rooted in ecological business, then your design must follow. Eco-graphic design is the art of transferring real-life environments into a single image, site, or logo. Making your customers feel and connect with your mission and make them realize they are standing in the ecological place you wish to promote or sell is what makes the eco graphic design stand out amongst others.

3. Graphic design in marketing

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Marketing campaigns are expensive, and without utilizing the gains, you are only wasting money. You can invest in hoarding an incredible amount of customers that a marketing campaign will bring to your site, but if your site is not up to keeping them, you’re better off burning that money.

Marketing can let you know the tried & tested business practices, and what’s currently hot on the market. From there, you can utilize the information provided, and start making the best place to visit. Marketing and graphic design go hand-in-hand. One aims to provide the best experience, and the other provides said goal.

4. Branding graphic design

You can realize the importance of branding with a game. Try describing three soda brands. Or try the same with car brands. Now you realize the power of good branding. The power of logos comes from graphic design, and only the best and recommended graphic design agency can provide you with a cutting edge in the race. Eventually, each visitor and customer will leave your site, hopefully with a sale made. You want to remain with them and inside their mind by any means necessary because that warrants future sales. And a good brand is what will achieve that goal.

5. Animated design

Static images can only get you so far, but animated short movies can convey countless more information and animate your visitors. We almost filter out all regular and standard images, so going with the route of moving and animated gifs, for example, can break the mold and provide your customers with a unique experience. Visual storytelling goes back in history as the best medium to convey messages, invoke feelings and present a business story. With all of the advantages, you can surely make a killing sale by utilizing this extraordinary method.

6. Design for publications

Books, magazines, pamphlets, outlets, and flyers are all important when you wish to make a physical publication! Real-life material is drastically different from online content, obviously, and your practice needs to adapt. When you are marketing in the real world, different colors, methods, and pointers are necessary to catch and keep someone’s attention. Physical goods are becoming a rarity, and you must provide more value to the customer when compared to the online counterpart.

7. Box art

Box art is a bit of an extension when we are talking about physical promotion. Your products need to be packed inside something distinguishable and catchy. When your customers purchase your product, a plain brown box leaves a sour taste in their mouths. Great cover art stays on the customer’s shelves and maybe won’t even get thrown away.

8. Artsy graphics

Life without art would be a dull occasion. Art comes in countless forms, which is great for your business. Finding the perfect art form that “clicks” with your vision is how you will develop a unique style for your business graphic design. Researching art thru history will reveal which practices went with certain businesses. From there all you need to do is follow those proud traditions. 

Standing out in the market comes from prices, quality, service, message, availability, and other factors which we can list for hours. But the graphic is what’s truly unique about any business, and can secure a position inside your customer’s mind for a long time. Which is the ideal place to be for any endeavor.

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