7 Birds With Snazzier Hairdos Than You

The birds are naturally chic. The feathers of birds come in a variety of textures, colors, and shapes. Every time, all the elements are incorporated to make the perfect hairstyle.

Certain species are blessed with beautiful hair that can be used for the purpose of mating, but regardless of the motive, all birds have head-turning locks.

Dalmatian Pelican

Big Bird’s not got anything to do with the tangled feathers that cover the Dalmatian pelican’s head. The largest of all species of pelican, Dalmatian pelicans can weigh up to 30 pounds and are found in wetlands across Europe as well as the Mediterranean and China. In the IUCN Red List classifies these birds as “near threatened” since their populations are declining due to the loss of habitats, development of land, as well as illegal hunting.

Crested Partridge

The tropical ground bird can be located in the humid forests that are found in Southeast Asia, but is classified as “near threatened” with a declining number of birds due to the destruction of forests and trade. The male crested partridge is adorned with black feathers and the most beautiful red pouf while the female bird has green feathers but no pouf. Both birds have an attractive red ring around their eyes. 

Great Curassow

See the curls! If you believe that this bird’s crest signifies its posture, you’re right. The range of the great curassow extends across Mexico all the way to Central America, and they are mainly found in lowland regions. A huge game bird, they can weigh up 10 pounds, they’re also classified as “vulnerable,” with a declining numbers because of the loss of habitat and hunting.

Andean Cock of the Rock

An explosion with oranges in Andean cloud forests This attractive male bird (whose namesake can be translated as “tunki” from Quechua) puts on a show for females during the mating season. Much like the Greasers in the 1950s, these males with a turban form groups and attract female birds by their dancing and hopping. After mating they males aren’t around to care for chicks.. It’s the bird that is considered to be the national bird in Peru.

Himalayan Mona

The bird that is the national bird in Nepal (where it’s known as “danphe” in Nepal) “danphe”) The male Himalayan monal is adorned with a beautiful ponytail with iridescent rainbow feathers. The female is not as impressive, sporting brown bodies, a blue eye patch, and a white throat. Himalayan monals, which are a high altitude species, possess a broad range of sounds and call which allow them to differentiate between alarm, aggression, and calls to find partners.

Nicobar Pigeon

The long locks, which form an lion-like pelt, the Nicobar has a lion-like mane. It’s not your usual city bird. It is a pigeon that has long locks.. It’s true, it is a Southeast Asian species is the closest relative of the dodo bird, which is extinct. These pigeons can be found throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Solomon Islands, and the Republic of Palau, where the population is declining and are considered “near endangered.” It is able to fly for long distances, however it prefers to rest on the ground, searching in search of food.

Eurasian Hoopoe

With a black-tipped bob, the hoopoe is the epitome of cool. The striped wings with zebra stripes are noticeable when it is flaunting its feathers throughout Africa and the Mediterranean as well as throughout Europe as well as Asia. The large range of the hoopoe’s habitat has kept the species from being placed in vulnerable state.

They’re mostly found in open areas such as pastures, orchards and savannas. In addition, you might be capable of inspect their nests which smell of the smell of an antimicrobial substance which the mother uses to dye her eggs. After hatching, the eggs “paint” the nests using feces.

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